Water Softeners

Water softening products for the home

Kinetico Water Softeners are designed to get to the source of the problem and make your water soft, while using very little of the space in your home.
Our systems are brilliantly designed to eliminate limescale problems.

Kinetico softeners are designed to fulfil all of your water demands;
Stylish cabinets that are built to last
Compact to larger scale systems, guaranteed to fit the space available
Highly efficient, using as little salt and water as possible
Non-electric, allowing for installation at the most appropriate place in the home, rather than being dictated by a location with an electrical connection

Kinetico systems are made to remove more impurities and perform more efficiently with lower lifetime costs.
And best of all, our softeners minimize waste, energy usage and the impact on our environment.

Kinetico customers include: