Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Kinetico RO-Compact Series has been carefully designed to supply industrial applications with mineral free water. The units are compact and space saving and can be installed under the table or counter, right next to the dishwasher or in another place when space is at a premium. It is perfect for
use with: dish washers, ice cube machines, autoclaves, car washes, within the pharmaceutical industry, boiler treatment, laboratories, humidifiers, process
water and much, much more.

The Kinetico RO-Compact Series provides you with the benefits of low operating and maintenance costs, long membrane lifetime and ease of servicing of units in
addition to high-quality performance.
The integrated, fully automatic by-pass ensures continuous operation of the dishwasher.

  • High flow performance
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Automatic by-pass
  • Digitally controlled
  • Membrane rinse
Kinetico customers include: